20 & 21

Oops. Falling behind a little now. I had planned to write a Christmassy post every day in the run-up to the 25th. But I’m slipping. A last-minute invitation to see¬†Boing! at the Bristol Old Vic (book NOW, if you can), happily took up a big chunk of yesterday. Afterwards, the Christmas lights, which are twinkling all over the city, transformed what might have been an exhausting trudge home through the snow into an exhilarating adventure. Each time there was a hint of a whinge, a new set of ¬†lights silenced it.

Today, when I should have iced a cake, lots of children appeared, disappeared, reappeared and so on, all day. So, I didn’t ice the cake and neither did I ice the biscuits which should be hanging in the tree. The children also want to know where all the presents are. Martha, in particular is very concerned about lack of parcels under the tree.