Matilda is on permanent snow watch at the moment. She bursts into whichever room
I’m in, brandishing her ipod touch, to announce the latest meteorological
developments. Or, in the case of Bristol, the lack of developments, because despite
grey skies and freezing temperatures, the snow keeps passing us by.

And to add insult to injury, every now and then the sun decides to put in an appearance. All of which is hugely frustrating for Matilda. But I quite enjoy the fleeting sunshine, especially when the back of the house is bathed in a strange golden light, and the walls of kitchen and garden are filled with wonderful shadows.

I think this makes up for the lack of snow. But it’s not good enough for Matilda,
who, although having only experienced two properly white winters in her life, has
come to regard snow as a given for this time of year. Her fingers are firmly crossed
for a snowy half term. And I have to admit, mine are too.