wreath round-up

P1190454Last year I became so obsessed with the wonderful local wreaths I started photographing them, much to the embarrassment of the girls who were usually with when I took the pictures. This year, having made a note of the whereabouts of my favourite Christmas displays, I went out alone and photographed them over the course of one very circuitous walk up to school. I recognised some of the wreaths from last year, though the brussels were adorning a different door last December.



This is by no means a comprehensive survey of local weaths – since taking these photos more and more have appeared, all very photogenic but the weather has been against me  (incessant rain and terrible light), so I haven’t been able to photograph them.

I haven’t been able to photograph our wreath either, as it only went up an hour ago and the light had gone, so I’ll post it tomorrow along with a picture of the tree – though I’ve discovered that Christmas trees are very hard to photograph.

NB There is another nice wreath round-up at Spring Cottage.


Whilst photographing Mary’s lovely felt decorations I spotted a couple of lame horses amongst the biscuits on the tree – a hoof missing here, a leg there. It was bound to happen to one or two of them I reasoned, but then, as I looked closer, I saw that almost all the biscuits had been picked at – all stars were at least one point short. Grrr.

Of course the girls tried to blame Sybil. It was the dog, they chorused, faces solemn. But I’m not that stupid. And anyway, Sybil has been banned from the sitting room since the biscuits appeared on the tree – one whiff of them sent her trotting around the room like a demented show dog, nose in the air as if held up by an invisible thread, hungrily drinking in their scent. I knew the biscuits wouldn’t last long, and they are meant to be eaten, but I had hoped the girls might share them with their cousins on Boxing day. Fat chance.

busy, busy …

To say that this week has been a little hectic would be quite an understatement. But in amongst the craziness fun has been had. Back in October I agreed to participate in a scrap fabric Christmas decorations swap organised by Very Berry Handmade. It seemed like a fine idea, especially as I was in quilt mode at the time and scraps of fabric were scattered around the house.

But – and I think you can probably see where this is heading – fast forward two months and with Christmas just around the corner, maddening last minute requests pouring in daily (She says we’ve got to wear black leggings and Christmassy top), not to mention my having agreed to coordinate a big end of term event at the girls’ school, my plans for a little low-key sewing project morphed into a caffeine-fueled sewing frenzy.

I’m nearly there and it has been fun to do, just not quite as relaxed as I had hoped.

Meanwhile, out in the garden, the dog, as ever, has been hard at work. It turns out that I had disturbed Sybil’s stash of bones when I planted some of my daffs. Silly me. It’s taken me a week to work this out. A week of cursing the dog and re-planting the bulbs, only to find that, under cover of darkness – she’s quite canny when it comes to this sort of thing – she has dug them all up again. I’ve given up with that particular spot. It’s hers. The bulbs have been re-homed. And this weekend I must tackle the last three packs of bulbs – some tulips, which should be fine, and some alliums, which may well fail as a result of being left too long in their box. Who knows. We’ll find out next year.

And on the subject of the garden, the flowers are in short supply so I’m resorting to the tiniest vessels I can find for my Lilliputian posies: old sherry glasses, narrow-necked fizzy drinks bottles, and now these sweet little bottles which someone was chucking out.

Off to the store that I love to hate – Primark  – the only place I can buy a last minute Christmas carols outfit at a price I won’t feel too cross about.