notes and curiosities

I am always on the look out for strange and interesting little communications. Aren’t we all? A good friend alerted me to this rather special small ad on the community pin board in our local Somerfield. I love the effort that someone has put into this.

The next two notes are also from local shops. The first, from a while back, was
in the window of the lovely secondhand bookshop Bloom & Curll on Colston Street.
The second is one of several notices that decorate the walls of Cox & Baloney, the cafe, secondhand bookshop and vintage clothes emporium on Cheltenham Road.

Little notes and lists have started popping up at home too. Last night, as I went
upstairs to bed, I came across this funny little memo stuck to the landing wall.

It was Matilda’s To Do list for this morning. I have no idea why she gets up at six, as
there really is no need, but I love the allocation of 15 minutes to brushing hair. I was
able to go one better on the item for 7am – “ask mum to write note to games” – and I managed to provide the missing piece of PE equipment instead.

And finally, two more lists, obviously written at the time when Bea and Martha
were enjoying that heady burst of enthusiasm for school that one only experiences
during the first week of term.

How things have changed. Martha’s list would probably now read: Get up, complain bitterly about school, fake stomach ache. And as for Bea’s obsession with milk, I haven’t the faintest idea what that’s all about, but I do know she’s not achieving that daily target.