berger & wyse

The highlight of yesterday’s trip to London was, without a doubt, the Berger & Wyse private view and book launch at the Guardian last night. Of course being married to one half of B&W does mean that my take on things may be a little less than reliable, but wine was drunk, prints were sold and a lot of fun was had. So much so that I failed to take the photographs I was supposed to take in my role as their official photographer. But at least I captured Roger, who has become something of a mascot for Berger & Wyse.

For those unfamiliar with Joe and Pascal’s food cartoon, it appears each week in the Guardian magazine, and Roger is a pig prone to bleak moments and dark thoughts.

Although I know all their cartoons only too well (I often see rough drafts, and occasionally, when a joke is proving tricky, I may hear one half of the conversation during which it is thrashed out – Joe and I are in Bristol, Pasc lives in London), it was fantastic to see them en masse, framed up and of course larger than they are in the magazine.

More exciting still was seeing a selection of them in a book (pub. Absolute Press).

And talking of books, and remaining faithful to my promise in the last post that there would be more shameless plugging of my family – Joe’s latest children’s book, Hubble Bubble Granny Trouble is published by Nosy Crow this month.

Naturally enough I think the illustrations are nothing short of genius, but I can also say quite truthfully, and without any bias (I don’t know her, haven’t met her), that Tracey Corderoy’s story is just lovely: charming and funny, and very sweet without being saccharine. It’s fun to read aloud, and has even been road-tested with great success by Martha and her year 2 classmates who saw an advance copy before the summer holidays.