it’s raining again …

… but there’s an upside to the relentless rain: the garden is looking lush and green.

P1270693Or at least it looks lush and green from a distance. Closer inspection, conducted yesterday when the sun made a brief appearance, revealed that there is much work to be done.

P1270694And last Autumn’s uncharacteristically restrained bulb order hasn’t helped. Back in November I was delighted by the speed with which I was able to plant my bulbs, but now I am filled with regret. I watch and wait over one wine crate filled with tulips — Attila — and an old wash tub filled with ranunculus*, all the while wishing I’d planted more.

P1270709Yesterday afternoon I spotted pots of  Narcissus ‘Tete-a-Tete’ in M&S (£1 a pot) and I decided a little set-dressing was in order. I bought as many as I could carry and decided to concentrate my efforts on the part of the garden I can see from the kitchen.

The rest of the garden will have to wait until the weather has improved. For now I have a bit of instant Spring —meteorologically-speaking it is Spring, but half the time it still feels like winter — in the form of bright narcissus against clouds of Clematis armandii.

*at least I think it’s a tub of ranunculus — note-keeping is not my strong point. I do remember ordering some, I think I planted them here…

6 thoughts on “it’s raining again …

  1. Beautiful and a great idea. I’ve done similar, little pots of spring on the potting bench I can see from the kitchen window are cheering me up until I get chance to tackle the rest! Bet your tulips will steal the show.

    • I’ve decided that limiting the Spring bulbs to the top of the garden, where I can see them without going out, is the way forward. In the past I’ve planted tulips at the bottom of the garden and if the weather is rubbish you don’t really get to appreciate them. I’ll report back on the tulips, can’t think why I only went for one variety, and why it was this one!

  2. the tete a tete are 50p a pot in morrisons this week if you want some more ! i did the same as yourself, but cheaper…

  3. Instant colour is such a great idea, especially putting the daffs in a box where you can see them now but move them when they’re finished. I bought several bunches last spring at a Garden Museum event, planted and enjoyed them when I walked past (I put them in the community garden) and this year they’ve all come back up again. I don’t why I’m surprised but it’s a bit like magic plus I obviously had a bargain!!🙂

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