wreath round-up

P1190454Last year I became so obsessed with the wonderful local wreaths I started photographing them, much to the embarrassment of the girls who were usually with when I took the pictures. This year, having made a note of the whereabouts of my favourite Christmas displays, I went out alone and photographed them over the course of one very circuitous walk up to school. I recognised some of the wreaths from last year, though the brussels were adorning a different door last December.



This is by no means a comprehensive survey of local weaths – since taking these photos more and more have appeared, all very photogenic but the weather has been against me  (incessant rain and terrible light), so I haven’t been able to photograph them.

I haven’t been able to photograph our wreath either, as it only went up an hour ago and the light had gone, so I’ll post it tomorrow along with a picture of the tree – though I’ve discovered that Christmas trees are very hard to photograph.

NB There is another nice wreath round-up at Spring Cottage.

10 thoughts on “wreath round-up

  1. I remembered that your Christmas doors post last year was how I happily discovered your blog. It is a beautiful window into your city. Merry Xmas to you and your family and a Happy New Year.

  2. Your neighbourhood is far classier than ours! However, if it’s a round up of naff Santa please stop here signs, we’re a prime destination. Merry Christmas to you!

  3. What a very festive neighbourhood, fantastic efforts! The different colours of the front doors is also very nice! The sprout one is genius – I need to attempt something similar next year, would be great to hang on the greenhouse.
    Hope you have a lovely christmas!


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  5. ahhh, that’s funny. It’s exactly the sort of thing I do, and my son cringes behind his fingers.
    I think these are beautiful photos. The brussel sprout one is a bit of a shocker. Can’t decide if it’s brilliant or just plain weird.

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