a teenager!

Birthday flowers for Matilda, who turned thirteen yesterday (I can’t quite believe we have a teenager in the house): roses Gertrude Jekyll and William Lobb on one side,

Gertrude again, alongside Ferdinand Pichard, on the other, and none of them smelling as lovely as they should because of the damn weather.

A birthday cake, the usual, Nigella’s buttermilk number filled with a layer of strawberry jam, a layer of sliced strawberries and then lots of whipped cream, and more cream and strawberries on top. It began as a tasteful, slightly Jubilee-inspired affair, and then…

And sticking with the Jubilee theme, I made Coronation Chicken using the original Rosemary Hume recipe via Rose Prince, from her lovely book Kitchenella (stuffed with great recipes – I highly recommend it). If you are interested, you can find the original recipe here, but I think Rose Prince’s version is more straightforward. And I simplified things further by poaching chicken breasts and thighs rather than roasting several chickens as I knew time was against me.

10 thoughts on “a teenager!

  1. Happy Birthday to Matilda, love the OTT cake, brilliantly done. I hope she won’t turn into ‘Kevin’ too soon.

    • Thank you, I have to say I was quite excited about the red and blue sprinkly things when I found them, and then a little worried that Matilda might feel the Windsors had gate-crashed her birthday, but she loved the colours and the cut-outs.

  2. I’m still waiting for my teenagers to turn into ‘Kevins’. No sign yet I’m pleased to say and the eldest is nearly 17. Cake looks fab, I was sorely tempted by those cut-outs. I shall check out Kitchenella for the coronation chicken as I shall have lots of leftover roast chicken after today although I know it is supposed to be made with poached chicken.

  3. Lovely cake and flowers. My children passed their teenage years without ever being particularly stereotypical. No additional trouble at all, really. I think so long as you bear in mind that those years are a little like toddlerhood for them, in terms of adjustment and frustration, it will all go well. The grunting is annoying though.

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