fading beauty

These tulips – Princess Irene, I think – really are almost on their knees. This morning they were all twice this height and their heads bowed so low that they touched the mantelpiece. But I couldn’t quite bring myself to throw them out, not least because their fading colours are such a perfect match for the jug. So I cut the stems, changed the water and, very carefully, with only the loss of one or two petals, eased them back into place.

The pink explosion behind is another tulip from Nyssens and again I’m not at all sure which one it is, but it’s a fabulous lipstick pink, very tall, and has much fatter, fuller flowers than Princess Irene. I’ll try to work out what’s what when I have a moment.

4 thoughts on “fading beauty

  1. I have jug envy (that is jug singular, not jugs. I don’t really envy anyone their jugs, I leave that to Katie Price), also tulip envy.

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