So, Matilda got her wish.

In a perfect world I think we could all have done with a slightly heavier snow fall.

But it seems that even a thin blanket of the white stuff exerts a certain magic: all three girls were out of bed and ready for breakfast by 7am. Unheard of on a school day.

And like the rest of the family, Sybil loves it too. Shame it’s all gone.

10 thoughts on “snow

    • My fingers are crossed for more, but I have a feeling this is all we’re going to get. Funnily enough when my email pinged to announce your comment, I was reading all about Viburnam bodnantense Dawn on your blog – my garden is so bleak at this time of year, I think this might be the solution.

  1. Hi Charlotte,Yes, I agree, Viburnham bodnantense Dawn is a really joyful plant at this time of year, with the sweetest of scents too. Went to my osteopath’s yesterday (all par for the course as a gardener!) and his Mimosa (Acacia dealbata) was in flower. It had also been damaged a bit by the snow, so trotted off with a couple of delicious smelling branches as well as getting my back fixed. Can grow rather tall (15m), but in my dream large garden, this would be great for winter scent and stunning foliage too. Naomi

    • That’s just not fair is it? I guess it’s because Montpelier is on higher ground. I remember when we had that amazing hoare frost last year, I was surprised by the way that it was completely Narnia-like at the top of Cotham Brow, but there was nothing at all at the bottom; nothing on Whiteladies Road, but a winter wonderland on the Downs.

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