virginia’s moment

Despite this sudden Indian Summer, there is no doubt about it, Autumn has begun.
In the park the trees cast long shadows and their leaves appear to be on fire. In front gardens, and all across the St Werburgh’s allotments, the last of the sunflowers and Cosmos, even when slightly bedraggled, look stunning back-lit by the sun. And everywhere Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) is doing her glorious
autumn thing – cloaking walls and fences with curtains of leaves which range from
palest apricot through to deep plummy red.

In certain lights, the leaves are almost neon.

Over the last week or so I have become slightly obsessed with the little patch of Virginia Creeper in my own garden. It comes from the garden behind us, and some twenty or thirty feet below. I do battle with this plant every year, cursing it in the spring and summer when I regularly release my plants from its clutches. Yet this year I’ve been completely seduced by this flash of scarlet beyond the purple haze of the Verbena.

8 thoughts on “virginia’s moment

  1. Beautiful photos Charlotte, the colours are captured so well. the last shot, of your garden, is very pretty and I think you should stop fighting the Virginia Creeper.

  2. Looks lovely, such rich colours. I bet it looks particularly fine in this glorious sunshine we’re having now.
    If I have learnt one thing about gardening over the years, it is the need for some brutal cutting and editing. I think that can be the hardest lesson to put into practice.

  3. Still waiting for mine to start turning. Last year there was a terrible freeze (not even a frost) and the thing turned from green to completely brown and all the leaves fell off. I was horrified, having waited all summer for that hit of crimson!

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