a local character

I’m not sure who he is or who is behind his appearances, but this man pops up all over our neighbourhood. I’ve spotted him on walls, garage doors, bins and junction boxes. Occasionally there is more than one of him. I rather like bumping into him and when one of my favourites was painted over, I decided I ought to record his movements.

I like the simplicity of the design, not much more than a quick squiggle really, but five well placed dots bring him to life. Usually it’s obvious that he took just moments to create, as in the case of this purple version, below.

But every once in a while it seems that his maker has had a little more time on his hands.

2 thoughts on “a local character

  1. Thank you – glad you like the bags! These figures are great. Why does Bristol have such a rich mix of street art I wonder? Loved the pictures of the allotment too – I’m sure you’ll all have fun there.

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