better late than never… again

My chaotic approach to gardening seems to know no bounds. Although I manage to amass an impressive stack of bulb and seed catalogues each year, and spend an equally impressive amount of time poring over them, the final stage of the process often eludes me. And then spring and summer roll around, and once again I curse myself for not having any daffodils, tulips, crocuses, tomatoes, herbs etc…etc… This year’s lack of Hyacinths was easily resolved by snaffling several plants in plugs and then potting them up at home. It’s not as satisfying as seeking out a particular cultivar and nurturing it from the outset, but now I’ve got them I don’t particularly care because they smell heavenly.

On the outdoor bulb-front I have made progress of a sort this year in that I managed to order some bulbs back in the autumn, and even planted a few. But on Sunday I saw that I still had several net bags of alliums, narcissi and anemones. The labels state quite clearly that they should have been in the ground at least two months ago, but I decided it was better to throw them into the ground than throw them out. And then, on a whim, I bought more bulbs – these were a mere 50p a bag in the B&Q sale pile (Tulips:  Queen of Marvel and Purissima). Worth a shot I reckon. So, in the pouring rain I shoved bulbs into pots, with a four-legged helper who seemed to think the game was one of hide and seek, and so diligently dug out the bulbs almost as fast as I potted them. Muddy, angry scenes ensued. But both dog and bulbs survived. Whether or not they actually flower is another matter….

7 thoughts on “better late than never… again

    • I find bulbs incredibly exciting too. I keep peering into pots to see if there is any sign of life. Already there are pale green tips poking through the soil in the pots I planted back in November. Fingers crossed that the others work out too.

    • You’re right. It’s always worth a try, and along the way you get some nice surprises. In our old garden I was forever digging things up and moving them around, a bit like rearranging furniture in a room, and the plants nearly always survived (lost a Fatsia that way, though!). Thanks for visiting my blog!

  1. I look at my glass hyacinth jars at least once a year and think I need to throw them out, then decide, no this year I’ll buy bulbs and watch those wonderful roots snake down the jar, but I never do. Sigh. But I have learnt not to go near seed catalogues during the darkest days. Expensive.

    • You are one step ahead of me though – at least you have some of those glass jars. I keep thinking that I must get some, never quite get round to it, and then, as with the actual ordering of bulbs, wallow in regret come January, and resort to unnamed bulbs which are sold outside the newsagent up the road! Lovely photographs on your blog.

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