nearly done

The tulips are coming to an end. This morning I picked the last of the Fantasy and
Queen of the Night, above. As Queen of the Night has a sleeker more compact form than any of the other tulips I grew, I could never quite bring myself to cut a full bunch as it would have meant picking them all. Instead I just picked two or three at a time and slotted them in with other tulips. With the parrots it was always possible to create a full-seeming bunch from only four or five flowers if I put them in a tight-necked vase.

I also picked all but the last pot of¬†Rococo and the least storm-damaged of the T. Hermitage, T. Couleur Cardinal and T. Princess Irene. I’ve got them here on my desk, a welcome blast of colour when everything else looks so dull and grey.

So that’s nearly it for the home grown tulips. Until next year.¬†And it seems only right to end this post with a photograph for my fellow Dead Tulip Fanciers…

6 thoughts on “nearly done

  1. Gorgeous tulips. My potted tulips at the north-facing front of the house are only just starting to flower.

    Just catching up here, love the muddy Sybil shot in the last but one post :D

  2. I had never thought of myself as a ‘Dead Tulip fancier’ but on reflection, I think you are right. I have enjoyed your posts with the Tulips in and now I can look forward to next year. I can’t grow them, too many slugs that eat the bulbs. I bought only one bunch this year and they fell apart very quickly and not in a nice way either.

  3. Poor dead tulips-I shrieked with laughter. But I love the desk bunch and will have to have some of those next year.

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